Link Text to a PDF

Linking text to a PDF allows you to include documents on your website while hiding the file name formatting.

How to Link Text to a PDF

Linking text to a PDF is 2-part process.

Step 1: Upload your PDF

  1. Navigate to Manage > Content > Media.
  2. Click Add Media button.
  3. Select the Document option.
  4. Click on Choose File.
  5. Select desired file from computer.
    1. Be sure to remember this file name. You'll need it in step 2.
  6. Save.

Step 2: Link the Desired Text

  1. Create a page or edit an existing one.
  2. Highlight the actionable text you want to be the link.
  3. Click on the link icon:

    Link icon

  4. Paste the portion of the link you copied into the link box, Save.
    • Example: /sites/default/files /Sample%20Document.pdf
  5. In the popup that appears, start typing the filename of your PDF. Be sure to spell it exactly. A dropdown will appear that includes your desired PDF. Click on your PDF in the dropdown and then click Save on the link window. 
Sample Document Link

  1. Apply Styles as desired.
  2. Save.


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