Link Text to a PDF

Linking text to a PDF allows you to include documents on your website while hiding the file name formatting.

How to Link Text to a PDF

Linking text to a PDF is 3-part process.

Step 1: Upload your PDF

  1. Navigate to Manage > Content > Media.
  2. Click Add Media button.
  3. Select the Document option.
  4. Click on Choose File.
  5. Select desired file from computer.
  6. Save.

Step 2: Copy the File's URL

  1. Navigate to Manage > Content > Files.
  2. Click on the desired file name.
  3. Copy the portion of the URL path that comes AFTER the .io or .edu portion, including the /.
    • Example: /files/Sample%20Document.pdf

Step 3: Link the Desired Text

  1. Create a page or edit an existing one.
  2. Highlight the actionable text you want to be the link.
  3. Click on the link icon: 
    Picture of Link Icon
  4. Paste the portion of the link you copied into the link box, Save.
    • Example: /sites/default/files /Sample%20Document.pdf
  5. Apply Styles as desired.
  6. Save.


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