Duplicating Content

Save time building out your content by cloning existing pages or duplicating elements within a page.

Duplicate Page Elements

For the Page content type, you can duplicate the individual page elements (e.g. cards, accordions, text on media) within the same page.

To duplicate a page element:

  1. Navigate to the page you want duplicate an element on.
  2. Click on the Edit tab.
  3. Click on the three dots in the right-hand corner of the element you want to copy.
  4. Choose Duplicate.
  5. Edit the content in the duplicated element.
  6. Move the duplicated element to where you want it on the page (see reordering elements).
  7. Click Save.
Demo of duplicating a page element

Duplicate allows you to copy a page element (content and settings) for use on the same page.

Duplicate Entire Pages

You can clone an entire page of content (e.g. from the page, news, event, or person content types) using the Quick Node Clone module. This module is not enabled by default on Quickstart sites.

Roles required

Only an Administrator can enable the Quick Node Clone module.

Enable Quick Node Clone

Site administrators can enable the Quick Node Clone module:

  1. Navigate to Extend In the Drupal admin bar.
  2. Search "Quick Node Clone" and check the box (it will show dependencies).
  3. Click Install.

Once enabled all content types on the site will be able to be cloned by both content editors and content administrators. You can customize the Quick Node Clone settings to exclude content types by going to the configuration page at <yoursite>/admin/config/quick-node-clone.

Clone Content

  1. Navigate to the page you want to copy.
  2. Click the Clone tab below the title of the content page.
  3. On the edit screen make need changes to the content.
  4. Check the publishing settings (uncheck the publish box if you want to save as draft)
  5. Click Save.
editing screenshot showing Clone tab on right

Caution with Embedded Content

Embedded media and other content embeds will be referenced on the new page, but those elements are not cloned. Any updates to embedded content will also appear on any other pages that reference these embeds.

In addition to the main body content, be sure to update these elements on your cloned content if applicable:

  • Title
  • Meta tags (e.g. meta description)
  • Summary fields
  • Categorization
  • URL alias
  • Promotion options