Every site has the Quickstart Google Tag Manager enabled by default. This includes The University of Arizona comprehensive analytics account and access to a Looker Studio dashboard to see your site's most useful metrics at a glance and compare them to sites across the university.

Accessing the Analytics Dashboard

You can access the Analytics Dashboard for your site directly from the Quickstart 2 link on the Admin toolbar.

Screenshot of the admin toolbar highlighting the Analytics Dashboard link

Using the Dashboard

The Arizona Comprehensive Analytics Dashboard has been built to work directly with Quickstart websites and make sure that all of the most relevant elements are tracked with click events.

You also have the option of selecting multiple sites in the domain to see how users are interacting with a more comprehensive site of sites within (or beyond) your portfolio.

Limitations of Sampled Data

Google Analytics uses sampled data to be able to quickly generate reports. This is usually accurate enough to meet most site owner's needs. Be aware that there are some limitations to the accuracy and nuance.

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Screenshot of the Data Studio Dashboard


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