Global Footer

The Quickstart Global Footer provides default menus with links to institutional resources.

Quickstart Global Footer

Enable Global Footer

Site administrators can enable the Global Footer module:

  1. Navigate to Extend In the Drupal admin bar.
  2. Search "Quickstart Global Footer" and check the box (it will show dependencies).
  3. Click Install.


Once the Global Footer is enabled, you can edit each of the entries using the Menus tool.

  1. Navigate to Structure
  2. Click Menus

Only the Footer - Social Media menu comes with default icons enabled, but you can customize as needed.

Structure > Menus


The five default menus in the Global Footer are:

  • Footer - Information For
  • Footer - Main
  • Footer - Resources
  • Footer - Social Media
  • Footer - Topics

Click the Edit Menu button (under Operations) for the entry you want to modify. You can then change details for each of the individual menu items.