Configuring your site to send email

Quickstart includes some basic configuration options for sending email via SMTP.

Roles required

Only an Administrator can install the needed modules for configuring SMTP server settings.


If you would like to be able to send email from your site, you will need to enable the Quickstart Mail module. This module is included with Quickstart, but not installed by default.

Installing the Quickstart Mail module installs and configures the Drupal SMTP module.

  1. Go to Configuration and then choose SMTP Authentication Support (or go directly to https://<mysite>/admin/config/system/smtp.
  2. Use the default configuration or add configuration for your own SMTP server.
  3. Click Save.

If you are a Campus Web Services partner or client you may use a service request to obtain an SMTP username and password for each site you wish to send email from.

Note: Only your site's live environment will be able to send email.

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