Quickstart Finder

Quickstart Finder is a module that can be enabled to allow you to add search and filter functionality to a variety of views. Quickstart Finder works with AZ Pages, AZ News, AZ Events, and AZ People.

The specific views below can be used with the Quickstart Finder functionality. Other views not on this list, but usable within Quickstart, are not setup to work with the Quickstart Finder functionality.
View Display Finder Block
AZ Person Grid page
Exposed form: az_person-grid
Grid - Modal
Exposed form: az_person-grid_modal
Row page
Exposed form: az_person-row
Grid 3 col
Exposed form: az_person-grid_block_3cols
Grid - Modal 3 col
Exposed form: az_person-grid_modal_3cols
AZ Events Grid view Exposed form: az_events-az_grid
Grid view with images Exposed form: az_events-az_grid_images
Past grid view with images
Exposed form: az_events-az_past_grid_images
AZ News Paged row view
Exposed form: az_news-az_paged_row
Grid view
Exposed form: az_news-az_grid
AZ Pages Row page
Exposed form: az_page_by_category-row
Grid page
Exposed form: az_page_by_category-grid

How to implement

First, add the desired content view of pages, news, events, or people to a page:

  1. Create a page
  2. Add a View paragraph type 
  3. Select desired view from the options above
  4. Save the page
  5. Copy the URL path of the page after .edu or .io

Next, enable the filter block to display as a sidebar on the page:

  1. Navigate to Structure > Block layout
  2. Next to the Sidebar first region, select Place block
  3. Select Place block next to the matching block 
    1. Specific block names are identified above
  4. Change the block settings as needed
    1. Select the desired title settings
    2. Under visibility, select Pages and paste the page path in the box to the right
    3. Save block
  5. Save blocks

Now you will see the view results and block on the page you created.

Change filter formatting

To allow for headings and more functionality as seen in the screenshot below, a taxonomy hierarchy must be implemented.

Page categories relation to display of exposed filters

  1. Navigate to Structure > Taxonomy
  2. Click List terms next to Page Categories
  3. Add terms if needed
  4. Drag and drop terms in the desired nesting structure
    1. Any term that has nested terms become non-clickable headings that the user can expand or collapse.
    2. Taxonomy terms with child terms are best named as a category and are not something that the user would expect to use as a filter for the results.
  5. Save