Descriptive Links

Write clear, descriptive text for links and buttons so that users know where they are going.

Users frequently skim content on the web, reading only things such as headings and link text as they hunt for information. Writing clear link descriptions is also critical for those using screen readers and they will hear the links separate from the content.

Writing Effective Links

For your link text and buttons be sure to:

  • Keep link descriptions short – use the minimal amount of text to be meaningful.
  • Use active language – active verbs often work well.
  • Describe where the user is going (they should not have rely on any other text to know where the link goes).
  • Use buttons - if your page has a main call to action that you want to stand out, consider making it a button.
  • Don’t describe the mechanism behind following a link (e.g. click, click here, select).
  • Avoid generic labels such as: learn more, click here, find out more.
  • Don’t spell out URLs unless it is for a print piece or social media. 

Link Text Examples

Original Link Revised Link
Click here to reserve a room Reserve a room
You can apply for jobs by going to the Talent website. Apply for jobs on the Talent website
Find more information on financial aid for non-degree seeking students here. Find more information on financial aid for non-degree seeking students