Creating and Using Webforms

Webforms are the easiest way to get information from your site visitors. You can embed as many webforms across your site as you need, and you can easily view all of the submissions in one location in the admin menu. You may also choose to have submissions emailed to one or more email addresses, and there are several convenient configuration options for menus.

To ensure proper functionality of your webforms, please install the following modules:

  • Webforms
  • Webform UI
  • Webform Node

  1. Navigate to Manage > Structure.
  2. Select Webforms.
  3. Select Add Webform.
  4. Input the desired title of the Webform into the text box.
    • OPTIONAL: Provide an Administrative description of the webform to understand its purpose
  5. Click Save

Learn about building webforms

NOTE: After clicking save, the user will be directed to a page where they can begin building the webform.

From within the Build tab, you can make many different kinds of edits to webform elements.

There are 2 methods for placing a webform on a page. The first method creates a basic page that allows you to add text and a webform below the text. The second method utilizes the Webform block type to place the webform in different regions of the page.

Method 1

  1. Navigate to Manage > Content.
  2. Select Add Content.
  3. Select Webform.
    • Note: The webform option will only be available if webforms have been enabled on your site
  4. Title the page.
  5. Add content to the page using the Editor Toolbar.
  6. Select the webform you would like to attach to the page using the Webform dropdown.
  7. Save.

Method 2

  1. Navigate to Manage > Structure.
  2. Select Block layout.
  3. Navigate to the region of the page you would like the webform to appear.
    • Note: A breakdown of the page regions is displayed to the right.
  4. Select Place block.
  5. Scroll down to find the block named Webform > Place block.
  6. Enter a title to be displayed above the webform under Title.
    • To hide the title, uncheck Display title.
  7. Under Webform, search the webform you would like embedded.
  8. To display it on only one page, select Pages under Visibility, ensure Show for the listed pages is selected, and enter the path of the page you would like the webform to appear on.
    • To show on all pages, leave this area blank
    • To hide on certain pages, select Hide for the listed pages, and enter the paths of the pages you don't want the webform displayed on.
  9. Save block.

NOTE: Depending on the content permissions a user has on their webpage, reaching out to support may be necessary to enable the webform modules.