Views are hard to visualize in advance, but they are incredibly powerful.

When you add a View to a page, it will automatically pull in and display other content as it is created without you having to make any changes to the page itself.

Admin Views

These views are used by the system and should not be added Flexible Pages.

  • Files (admin_views_file)
  • Nodes (admin_views_node)
  • Users (admin_views_user)
  • Media (media_default)

Alphabetical Listing

This view can be used to add an Alphabetical Listing of all content of a certain type. It can be searched or browsed by first letter.

It was used on to display all of the colleges and schools at the university.

  1. Enable the view mode on the content type you want to view.
    1. Go to /admin/structure/types
    2. Note the Machine name of the content type you will be wanting to view. You will need this later.
    3. Choose Manage Display next to the content type you want in this view.
    4. Expand "Custom Display Settings" and make sure UA Bootstrap Minimal Media List is Enabled.
  2. Add the index letter field to the content type.
    1. Switch to the UA Bootstrap Minimal Media List View Mode.
    2. Select Manage Fields.
    3. Add Existing Field: List (text): field_uaqs_index_letter (uaqs_index_letter)
  3. Make sure that all of the content that you want displayed has an index letter assigned.
  4. Add the View to the Flexible Page where you want this displayed.
    1. Select the Add View option
    2. Choose uaqs_alphabetical_listing - UAQS Minimal Media List
    3. Put the Machine name of your content type from Step 1.2 in the Arguments field.
      For Example: uaqs_major
    4. If you'd like the search box to have a label, add it as the second argument.
      For Example: uaqs_major, Search for Majors
  1. Modify the display of the content type you enabled UAQS Minimal Media List on
    1. Go to /admin/structure/types/manage
    2. Click "manage display" on the appropriate content type
    3. Click on the "UA Bootstrap Minimal Media List display mode
  2. Use the "Add new group" field to add wrappers/classes around the content you want to include in the search:
    1. Search Result
      • Label: group_uaqs_search_result
      • Format: HTML element
        • classes: uaqs-js-search-result
        • element: div
    2. Link
      • Parent: Search Result
      • Label: group_link
      • Format: Link
        • link: open
        • link_to: Link settings (Link field)
        • target: Default
        • classes: list-link-block remove-external-link-icon
    3. Media
      • Parent: Link
      • Label: group_media
      • Format: HTML element
        • classes: media
        • element: div
    4. Media Body
      • Parent: Media
      • Label: group_heading
      • Format: HTML element
        • classes: media-body
        • element: div
    5. Heading
      • Parent: Media Body
      • Label: group_heading
      • Format: HTML element
        • classes: [insert any bootstrap classes here to match the desired design]
        • element: p
  3. The Title field should be nested inside the last field group: Heading

Event Listing Views

These Views provide a few different ways to display your events.