Managing People

The Person content type provides the basic fields to capture information for the people in your organization/department and are displayed through Views.  

How to Add a Person

  1. Click on Content > Add Content.
  2. Select Person.
  3. Fill out the desired fields (only first and last name are required).
  4. Save.


  • First Name: Person's first name
  • Last Name: Person's last name
  • Pronouns: Pronouns Guidance 
  • Photo: Person's headshot photo  
    • Note: Images must be larger than 568 x 426 pixels and the Card image crop will be used.
  • Categories: Used to organize people in Views. Categories must first be created using the Taxonomy editor.
    • Category: Person's primary category (usually department name)
    • Category - Secondary: Person's secondary category
  • Job Title(s): Person's job title (multiple titles can be added by clicking Add another item)
  • Email: Person's work email address
  • Phone Number(s): Person's work phone number (multiple numbers can be added by clicking Add another item)
  • Address(es): Person's work address (multiple addresses can be added on separate lines)
  • Link(s): Used to add a link to a person's personal/research site etc.
    • URL: The URL of the external link (must begin with "http(s)://")
    • Link Text: Text to display for the link
  • Biography: Person's biography
  • Degree(s): Person's degree (multiple degrees can be added by clicking Add another item)

How to Reorder People

  1. When logged into your site, you should see a button to reorder people at the top of your directory page. Or you can go directly to: <sitename>/admin/az-person/reorder-people
  2. Ensure Show Row Weights is visible on the top right above Main Content.
    • If Hide Row Weights is showing, select that.
  3. Look for the small cross on the left of the person you wish to move.
  4. Click and as you hold, drag the person to its desired location. 
  5. Save Order.