Creating Directories

Directories can be created using Views to show your people on a page. Taxonomy categories can be used to organize people by their department or position within the organization.

 How to Add a Person View

Person View Example

  1. Create a new page
  2. Click on Add View.
  3. Select a Bottom Spacing to add space below the view (Optional).
  4. Enter a Title for the view, you can choose whether or not you want this title displayed in the options.
  5. Choose AZ Person for the View.
  6. Choose either Grid Page, Row Page, or Grid - Modal for the Display (Examples below).
    • The option called Grid - Modal in the Display dropdown will provide users with a floating modal window with more information when person items are selected.
  7. Select Options 
  8. Check whether or not to show the View Title.
  9. Select Items per Page to change how many people to show in the view (Recommended to leave blank to show all people).
  10. If you wish to omit results from the beginning of the view, enter a value in the Offset Results field equal to the number of results you'd like to hide from the beginning of the view.
  11. Select a pagination style for your view. (This is recommended for views with large amounts of items.)
  12. Enter an Argument to display only people in a certain category (Leaving this blank will display all people).
    • The Argument must be the taxonomy term ID number of the category you wish to display
    • You can enter:
      • Single taxonomy arguments: 4
      • Multiple taxonomy arguments: "4,6,3" (Taxonomy terms within double quotes and separated by comma)
      • Single secondary taxonomy arguments: 8 (No double quotes used)
      • Multiple secondary taxonomy arguments: 8 9 (No double quotes or comma used)
    • For more information see the Taxonomy page
Person View Options Example

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