People & directories

Most colleges, departments and programs have faculty, staff or students involved that will be displayed as a Directory. Quickstart has a built-in Person content type that is designed to meet the needs of our University.

  1. Go to Content on the Admin menu.
  2. Click Add Content.
  3. Choose Person.
  4. Fill in all of their details and save.

There is an automatic Directory page available at /people.

To use this option, you will want to add it to your menu:

  1. Go to Structure on the Admin Menu.
  2. Click on Menus.
  3. Next to Main Menu, choose Add Link.
  4. For the Menu Link Title, fill in how you want it to appear on your menu: People, or Directory.
  5. For the Path, fill in people.
  6. Save your changes.

If you want to display people differently on your site, or want to add additional content to your directory page, you can use Flexible Pages + Views.

  1. Go to the Flexible Page that you want to add your People to.
  2. Click on Add View near the bottom of the page.
  3. Choose the "uaqs_person_directory - Grid Page" or "uaqs_person_directory - Row Page" option, depending on how you'd like your people displayed.

  4. Add whatever other content you want to the page and save.

Grid Page View

Row Page View

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