Reorder Menus

You can reorder menus by changing the weight of the item or dragging them into place.

    How to Reorder Menus

    There are two ways to reorder menus: through the Structure tab or through individual pages.

      1. Navigate to Structure > Menus > Main Navigation > Edit Menu.
      2. Reorder or nest menu items using the drag and drop feature.
      3. Save.

      1. Edit an existing page.
      2. Click the Menu settings dropdown.
      3. Check the Provide a menu link box.
      4. Change the Menu link title, and add a Description if desired.
      5. Select the Parent link that this page will be listed under.
      6. Change the menu link weight in the Weight field if necessary to order the links.
        • Menu links with lower weights are displayed before links with higher weights.
      7. Save.