Menu Blocks

The Quickstart Block Types - Menu Block module allows you to display a menu from within a paragraph type's text area using the CKEditor in cases where normal region placement of blocks is not ideal.

Roles required

You will need to install the Quickstart Block Types - Menu Block module which requires an Administrator role. This module is included with Quickstart, but is not installed by default.

To edit, add, or delete a Menu Block, the Content Administrator role is required.

How to Install the Module

  1. Navigate to Extend
  2. Check the box next to the Quickstart Block Types - Menu Block module
  3. Click the Install button

How to Setup a Menu Block

  1. Create a new menu or edit an existing one
    1. Navigate to Structure > Menus
    2. Click Add menus
    3. Provide a Title (this is not displayed to site visitors by default)
    4. Add links to your menu
    5. Save the menu
  2. Create a new Menu Block
    1. Navigate to Content > Blocks
    2. Click + Add Content Block
    3. Select Menu Block
    4. Add a descriptive Block description
    5. Select the menu you would like to embed
    6. Uncheck Display title
    7. Read the form help text for each option available and choose the options that make sense for your implementation
    8. Save
  3. Embed the Menu Block
    1. Refer to Embedding Content Blocks

How to Use Custom Menus as Menu Blocks

Roles required

Modifying field settings for the Menu Block block type requires an Administrator role.

  1. Navigate to: Administration > Structure > Block layout > Custom block library
  2. Click on the Block types tab
  3. Click the Manage fields button for Menu Block
  4. Click the Edit button for field_az_block
  5. Under Available Blocks, expand the Blocks dropdown
  6. Check the checkbox next to any custom menus that you would like to use as menu blocks
    • Generally, you must select blocks of type "Menu Block" for everything to work.
  7. When you are done, click the Save settings button

Styling Custom Menus to Match Sidebar Menu

Roles required

Configuring blocks requires a  Content Administrator role.

  1. Find your custom Menu Block on a page
  2. Hover over the block to reveal the pencil icon
Detail Showing Pencil Icon on Hover
  1. Select Configure option to configure for Menu Block
  2. Scroll down to the HTML and style options section and expand the section
  3. Type the word "sidebar" in the open field, replacing the default text that appears
Menu Block Config Detail Showing placement of word "sidebar" under 'HTML and style options' section
  1. When you are done, click the Save Block button
  2. Now your Menu Block style should match a standard Sidebar Menu