Events are a listing feature that you can create and publish on your site and are displayed onto the website through Views.

How to Create an Event

  1. Navigate to Content > Add Content > Event.
  2. Enter a Title of your event and select the Date (These are the only two mandatory fields).
  3. You can add a Summary using the menu on the right.
  4. Other fields include:
    • Subtitle allows you to add a subtitle to your event
    • Category (Taxonomy term) allows you to add your event to a category. More information on categories and taxonomy.
    • Add Media allows you to add a photo to your event
    • When allows you to specify when the event will take place
      • Click add another item to add more times for the event
    • Event Description allows you to add a description for the event
    • Where allows you to specify the location of the event with a URL and text
    • Attachments allows you to add additional attachments to the page
    • Contacts select Add Contact to add a contact to your page

Note: Future events on your site will automatically display by adding /calendar to the end of your site URL. 

Useful Links

  1. Create a page or edit an existing one.
  2. Select the Add View button from the page elements.
  3. Add the bottom spacing using Additional Options.
  4. Select AZ Events from the View dropdown menu.
  5. Select a display from the Display dropdown menu (Grid View, Full Calendar).
    • Selecting Grid View allows you to display three upcoming events on a page
  6. Save.

Sample of an event