Main Navigation

The Main Navigation menu sits just above the content of each page and is the most prominent menu on your webpage. Using this menu, visitors can move between pages on your website. 

How To Add a Page to the Main Navigation

Menu dropdown
  1. Create a page or edit an existing one.
  2. Select Edit > Menu settings > Provide a menu link.
  3. Enter Menu Link Title.
  4. Leave Parent Link as <Main Navigation> for the link to be displayed directly on the menu bar. For the example below, the parent link of all visible links is <Main Navigation>.
  5. If you would like the page to be nested under a page link already on the Main Navigation, select the name of the link from the Parent Link dropdown.
    • The deeper a link is nested in the menu will be indicated by the number of dashes preceding the link name. In this example, the pages Utility Links, Reorder Menus, and Adding Menus have been placed under the Managing menus link. 
  6. Save.