Meet Quickstart 2 (launching July 2021)

June 28, 2021

Quickstart 2 launches in July, integrating UArizona branding and giving content editors more flexible editing options.

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The Arizona Digital team is launching Quickstart 2 in July. Like its predecessor, Quickstart 1, the new platform integrates UArizona branding (including brand colors and the Proxima Nova font) and generally has the same content types and look and feel.

It is built using the Drupal 9 system, providing a great solution for most campus websites that need to move out of Drupal 7 or 8 by November 2022. Quickstart 2 also has several improved features for content editors:

  • Better card decks – You can now add an unlimited number of cards within a card deck and have flexible options to customize each card (including background colors).
  • Easier reordering – This was the biggest challenge content editors reported in an August 2020 survey. The new “Drag and Drop” mode allows you to easily reorder page elements and even duplicate elements within a page.
  • Simplified media rows – The marquee and full-width media row have been merged into one feature: “Text on Media,” allowing you more straight-forward and flexible options for featuring hero images or videos on your site.
  • Faster load times – Editing pages with a large number of elements and images will now be much faster.
  • Improved documentation & training – New documentation is available on this website (browse the links in the main navigation. Live training sessions are also available to quickly get you building pages and editing content.

Interested in learning more? Talk to your web team about upgrading to Quickstart 2 or contact Cameron Green ( for more information.

For those without a web team, Campus Web Services will also be upgrading their UA Sites service to Arizona Sites to incorporate these changes.