launches with Quickstart 2!

Feb. 22, 2022

All Quickstart 2 sites will see benefits from this launch.

Image homepage screenshot

The new website was successfully launched using Quickstart 2.1 on February 22. The new site intentionally looks very similar to the previous site, while benefiting from the improved user experience (especially for mobile users and content editors), accessibility, performance and security of Quickstart 2.

Since is the digital front door for the University's entire community, Quickstart needed several improvements before it was ready.

  • With over 2 million visitors per year and 31% of them using their phones, University Marketing needed more control over how their media was displayed at different breakpoints.
  • To share how the University of Arizona is living its values every day, we needed to add the ability to import stories from
  • As the gateway to dozens of resources around campus, cards needed to be more flexible and fully clickable.
  • The persona menu was created to ensure that our many audiences could find the information relevant to their needs.
  • The footer needed to be styled and include social media icons

All of these improvements are now available to all Quickstart websites and as the brand continues to evolve, more improvements will be rolled out to campus.