Quickstart 2.6 content update bug (Fixed as of 2.6.2)

March 31, 2023

Issue: Content not updating when saved

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There has been a bug uncovered with our Quickstart 2.6 release that was rolled out over the last several weeks that makes it more difficult to update existing content on your website.

Changes made to News, Events and Person content are not showing as updated right away for logged in users, while anonymous users will see the update. This issue is most notable with any changes to Images and Taxonomy terms but has also been happening intermittently with changes to any other field.

Arizona Digital is working on a resolution and is hoping to have a 2.6.2 patch release to fix this within the next few weeks.

Temporary workaround

If you encounter this issue, you can resolve it by clearing your site’s cache.

  1. Click on the Quickstart menu from the admin toolbar.
  2. Click on Settings.
  3. Expand the Clear cache section if necessary. Click Clear all caches.
Steps to clear cache: Quickstart Menu, Settings, Clear all caches