New Support for Content Translations

Aug. 14, 2023
Taken at the VETS (Veterans Education & Transition Services) Center at the Student Union.

University of Arizona is a Hispanic Serving Institution and globally connected to micro campuses all over the world. We have needed a way for site owners to reach their audiences in multiple languages. Now you can.

The Quickstart Multilingual module allows users to seamlessly switch between multiple languages that you’ve integrated into your site! 

This is a major accessibility win, but it is also a major responsibility for any website looking to implement it as the Quickstart Multilingual module does not offer automatic translations. Automated translations should not be used or relied upon. 

The Quickstart Multilingual module creates clones of pages you want multiple language options of, and you are responsible for creating the translated content as well as making sure it stays up to date with any future updates to the page. 

Once set up, users can switch between different language versions of the same page with the click of a button!

Learn how to translate your content.