Enhanced Quickstart Menu

Oct. 17, 2022

Jason Leung

The Quickstart link in your top menu now shows the current version number of the site you are logged into, which will be useful should you ever find yourself in need of any troubleshooting or support. 

This button opens up a menu of great tools for easy access.

Improved Quickstart Menu in 2.5.0

Included in this menu are Settings, Releases, Documentation, and Analytics Dashboard links, under the Quickstart button. 


This is the fastest way for you to clear your cache by simply clicking Settings, and then the Clear All Caches button! This is a really great tool for content editors. 


This link will take you to all of the release notes for your current version of Quickstart. This link will only appear for Content Administrators; Content Editors will not have access to this feature. 


This link takes you to our Quickstart website where you can find documentation on all of the great features of the Quickstart platform. 

Analytics Dashboard

This link will take you to your site’s analytics page data studio.