Dimensional Design Elements

July 11, 2022

Updated design, same great accessibility!

Array of cards

One of the benefits of using Quickstart is that your site can constantly evolve with small design changes so that it always looks fresh and you aren't forced to do a full website rebuild every five years when your site looks dated. As design trends on the internet change, the design of Quickstart continues to evolve. Tom McCarthy and Venessa Ball from Marketing and Brand Management have led the introduction of the latest updates to Cards and Text on Media. These changes are being driven by the redesign of the Student Life section of arizona.edu and are now available for all sites.

The Bottom Style for Text on Media has been updated from the old semi-transparent design to a clean new look with a solid textbox and a drop shadow. There are also new options available that give you more control over how the Title is displayed. You will no longer need to work around the limited Title options by placing headings in the body field when you need to use a different level heading or want your title centered. 

Cards have new Title display options that allow your title to be displayed directly on your images. The design tweaks for clickable cards also include a drop shadow and a subtle animation on hover.

Examples of New Card Styles