Clickable cards

March 18, 2022

The updated cards in Quickstart 2.2 are incredibly flexible.

blank cards

Because of their versatility, cards are some of the most commonly used elements on websites. Whether you want to use them as calls to action for 1 or 2 high value pages, share 3 or 4 key pieces of information, or use them to create a whole landing page of related links and resources, the new flexibility of Cards makes this easier than ever.

You've already been able to personalize the width, borders and colors of cards. The latest update allows you to make the cards in your whole deck clickable so that your users have a nice big target to click on.

You can also change the look of your buttons to better suit the purpose of your content.

Do you have a few cards that are meant as bold calls to action? Use the Red Button

Do you want the cards to be more informational or leave the focus on the images? Use the Text Link option.

No matter what story you are trying to tell, or which actions you are trying to make easier for our students, faculty and staff, one of the most flexible tools in your tool belt just got better!

Check out our updated documentation to see how to take advantage of these improvements.