Publications are a content type that enables you to display published academic articles, publications, and other works that adhere to various established styles and formatting conventions (such as MLA, AMA, Chicago, IEEE, and more). 

The module, Quickstart Publication is not enabled by default. Please contact Campus Web Services to get it enabled.

How to Create a Publication

  1. Navigate to Manage > Content
  2. Click the Add Content button
  3. Select Publication 
  4. Enter the Title of the publication
  5. Select an Author
    • If the author exists on your website (they were added on a previous Publication), select Add existing author

      • Search for the author in the search field that appears and select them.
    • If the author does not exist as a Person entry on your website, select Add new author.
      • Fill in the required author information in the space that appears
  6. Select the publication type from the Publication Type dropdown
  7. Enter available information for Container Title, Issue, Volume, Version, Publisher, Location, and Pages. Details on what this information is is listed under each field. 
  8. Select the date format from the Date Type dropdown.
  9. Enter a date under Publication Date
    • The end date is optional. 
    • Check the box labeled Date is approximate if the date entered in Publication Date is not known to be exact. 
  10. Enter a date under Accessed Date.
  11. Enter a URL or relative link in the Link field. 
  12. Enter any further links under Additional Links. (Optional)
  13. Enter a Digital Object Identifier in the DOI field. (Optional)
  14. Enter a PubMed Reference Number in the PMID field. (Optional)
  15. Upload a copy of the publication as a file such as a PDF by clicking Add media under Publication File. (Optional)
  16. Add an image by clicking Add media under Publication Image. (Optional)
  17. You can enter the publications Abstract in the Abstract field. (Optional)
  18. Save