Marketing Campaign Page

A "Marketing Campaign Page", also known as a "Landing Page", is a specific page on your website that is designed to promote a particular call to action. Unlike other pages on your site, a Marketing Campaign Page does not have the usual navigation and links that could deter visitors from the intended action.

Enable the feature

Anyone with the administrator role may enable this feature.
  1. Navigate to Arizona Quickstart Settings (/admin/config/az-quickstart/settings)
  2. Navigate to AZ Page (/admin/config/az-quickstart/settings/az-flexible-page)
  3. Check the box for Enable Marketing Campaign Page styles
  4. Save configuration

Create a Marketing Campaign Page

Any page on your website can be a Marketing Campaign Page. Only users with the Content Administrator role can set up Marketing Campaign Pages.

To Create a Marketing Campaign Page:

  1. Create a new Page or edit an existing one. 
  2. On the right-hand sidebar of the editing interface, expand the section labeled Marketing Campaign Page.
  3. From the Marketing Campaign Page Style drop-down menu, choose the style that best suits your needs:
    • Standard: This style removes most header regions from the page, including the search box, the main navigation, and the page breadcrumbs. The “Footer sub” and “Footer sub menus” regions are also removed.
    • Standard - No Site Branding: This style is the same as Standard except the “Site branding” region is removed as well.
    • Standard - Show Full Footer: This style is the same as Standard, but it does not remove the "Footer sub" and "Footer sub menus" regions.
  4. (Optional) If you do not want this page to appear in search engine results, expand the XML Sitemap sidebar section and select Excluded from the Inclusion dropdown menu.
  5. Save the page.

After creating a Marketing Campaign Page, the various navigation blocks will be hidden, creating a more streamlined and focused page.