Content Moderation & Review

Content moderation allows you to save changes to currently published pages as a draft. This is helpful when changes need to be approved prior to publishing. In addition, anonymous user review allows you to share drafts of pages with those who do not have editing access to your site. 

Roles required

Only an Administrator can install the needed modules for content moderation and anonymous user review and configure workflows.

Content Moderation

The Content Moderation module is installed by default in Quickstart. A basic Editorial Workflow is also included, but you will need to apply it to the content types where you want to use content moderation. Site administrators can:

  1. Go to Configuration and then choose Workflows (or go directly to https://<mysite>/admin/config/workflow/workflows.
  2. Use the drop down to select Edit for the Editorial Workflow.
  3. Under This workflow applies to select the content types or other elements you want to use content moderation.
  4. Click Save.

The Editorial Workflow includes Draft and Published states. You can edit the workflow or create a new workflow with additional steps if desired.

Use this workflow for when you have a published page and want to make edits in a draft. Drafts can be sent for review before the changes are published to the live site.

  1. Edit the desired page
  2. Make the desired changes to the content
    1. Changes to menu location or other settings in the right sidebar will be published live. They do no respect the content moderation workflow.
  3. Change the state to Draft

    Change published state to draft

  4. Save the page
  5. View changes on the front end via the "Latest version" tab

    1. The "View" tab show the currently published page 
    Unpublished page on the front end

  1. Create a new page
  2. Add desired content
  3. Ensure Save as: Draft

    New blank page

  4. Save the page

Workflow Definitions


An unpublished version of a page that can be viewable without login if the Access Unpublished module is enabled.


A published page that is accessible to anyone on the internet.


A page that was published and is now not accessible by any public user.

Access Unpublished Module & Anonymous User Review

If you would like to be able to share drafts with those who are not editors on the site, you will need to enable the Access Unpublished module. This module is included with Quickstart, but not installed by default.

Site Administrators can:

  1. Go to Extend from the top toolbar.
  2. Search for the Access Unpublished module.
  3. Check the box next to the Access Unpublished module.
  4. Click Install at the bottom of the page to install the module.

Note: Before you can share drafts with anonymous users, a Site Administrator must install the Access Unpublished module and apply a Workflow to the content type you are using (see above).
Screenshot of Temporary unpublished access

Content editors can create a link to share drafts with any anonymous user.

  1. Edit any page in the draft state (note: you must save the draft first and then edit again to get the anonymous URL).
  2. From the tabs on the right side of the editing screen, expand Temporary unpublished access.
  3. Select the timeframe you want to grant access using the Lifetime dropdown.
  4. Click on Generate Token.
  5. A new item will appear in the box. Click on Copy next to the item. This copies the URL for anonymous review to your clipboard.
  6. Paste the URL into wherever you need to share with stakeholders (e.g. email, chat).