Blocks are boxes of content that can be displayed in regions on a page.  There are seven block types by default, though more may be added.

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Block Types

  • Card
  • Contact Summary
  • Flexible Block
  • Menu
  • Quick Links
  • Related Links
  • Search

You can see the list of available blocks in Administration > Structure > Blocks. Here you can move blocks into regions (or remove them from regions) and order them. If the Demo Content module is enabled, you will be able to see certain blocks pre-configured and put into regions.

Pre-configured blocks

On a fresh installation, the following blocks will be pre-configured and put into regions. You can modify any or all of this setup:

  • Search form block: Header 1
  • Hero Carousel: Featured Content
  • UAQS Second-level Navigation block: First sidebar
  • Sidebar UAQS Event Card Group: Second sidebar
  • Sidebar Promoted News block: Second sidebar
  • Main page content block: Content body
  • Recent news marquee: Content body
  • Three column news block: Content body
  • UAQS Event card group: Content body

If no content is placed in the block, nothing will show (in other words, you can add several blocks to a region and they will simply be ignored if no content has been added to them yet).