Select Audience Menu User Testing and Results

May 10, 2018

Purpose: To get a baseline of user feedback regarding the persona menu PRIOR to updates that change how it functions and then to test again using a multi-dev environment of to ensure that the menu remains usable, and that the changes do not present any new obstacles.

Current functionality:

  • To use the menu, a user selects an option and then clicks Go.
  • If the user clicks Go without selecting an option, a message displays on screen, reminding them to select an option.
  • If the user selects an option and does not click Go, nothing happens.

Future/proposed functionality:

  • The Go button is inactive by default.
  • To use the menu, a user selects an option and then the Go button becomes active, and then the user clicks Go.
  • The rest of the functionality remains the same (no change).

Summary of Results

Baseline Study Notes

The primary task in this test was to use the “I am” menu. Participants were allowed to make their own selection and were not instructed *how* to use the menu so that we can see how they instinctively use it.

Participants were first screened with questions to rule out any heavy or frequent college website testers, advanced web users, and anyone who has visited the University of Arizona website before.

No participants had visited the University of Arizona prior to the test.


  1. Participants were prompted with a user scenario (gathering information about a college/university website) and were then taken to
  2. They were asked if they have ever been to this website before.
  3. They were asked to think of something they would look for on the University of Arizona website.
  4. They were then asked to locate the “I am” menu.
  5. They were then instructed to “Use the ‘I am’ menu…” to find the information they said they would be looking for (without specific instructions about *how* to use it).
  6. They were then asked a series of questions about which option they selected, why, what was easy, and what was difficult.

Summary of Findings

  • 8 of 10 participants selected an option and clicked Go instinctively (no pause, no verbal questions, no hesitancy)
  • 2 of 10 participants briefly paused or hesitated after selecting an option and then clicked Go without being prompted
  • 1 participant experienced slow page loading after clicking Go
  • No participants reported difficulty using the menu
  • No participants experienced technical difficulties using the menu
  • No participants selected an option without clicking Go afterward
  • No participants clicked Go without or before selecting an option
  • No participants indicated either verbally or behaviorally that the menu was not working as expected
  • All participants indicated that the menu was easy to use

Participant profiles

  • Smartphone: 2 iOS users (Both iPhone 7)
  • Smartphone: 2 Android users (Samsung Galaxy J3, Samsung Galaxy S7)
  • Tablet: 2 iOS users
  • Desktop: 2 Windows users (Browsers used: Firefox, Edge)
  • Desktop: 2 Macintosh users (Browsers used: Chrome, Safari)
  • Participant age range: 18-65+
  • Location: United States
  • Expertise: Average web user