Setting up the main menu

Menu Links and Order

Manage the main menu links, text, and sort order here: Administration > Structure > Menus > Main Menu.

Admin Path: /admin/structure/menu/manage/main-menu

You may add, delete, and re-order the links in this menu. Links may also be nested here. You can temporarily disable any link in this menu to prevent it from being displayed without having to delete it.

Editing Menu Links

The following menu link attributes are configurable:

  • Title
  • Path
  • Description (hover text)
  • Visibility
  • Expanded/Not expanded (for dropdown menus)
  • Parent link
  • Weight

More information about each of those attributes is available on the Edit menu link page.

Mobile Menu Display

You have three options to choose from for the mobile menu display. Go to Mobile and Small Screen Menu Display Options to learn more.