Quickstart Update - Release Notes Version 7.x-1.0-alpha7

Aug. 16, 2017

User Story


  • [UADIGITAL-1086] - Enable more Card Deck and Full Width Background Wrapper by default


  • [UADIGITAL-1076] - tarball archive not being added to downloads section of bitbucket for uaqs repo
  • [UADIGITAL-1080] - update text with heading field type to allow <p>
  • [UADIGITAL-1087] - Undefined property while creating flexible page content
  • [UADIGITAL-1097] - Investigate issue with file entity module possibly auto-enabling
  • [UADIGITAL-1117] - Remove unnecessary .gitignore files from the formerly freestanding modules now included in ua_quickstart.
  • [UADIGITAL-1130] - Apply security updates.
  • [UADIGITAL-1144] - .git folder getting added to tarball
  • [UADIGITAL-1147] - Alt text on footer logo is missing
  • [UADIGITAL-1174] - Fix warnings/messages generated by UAQS Demo migrations
  • [UADIGITAL-1200] - Apply the security updates outstanding in mid-August.