Quickstart Release Notes - UA-Digital - Version 7.x-1.0-alpha25

Nov. 15, 2018


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User Story

  • [UADIGITAL-1281] - Clean up UA Zen documentation and "dead code"
  • [UADIGITAL-1746] - Add link title attribute to cards and media lists for events.
  • [UADIGITAL-1747] - Set viewport maximum-scale to 5 or greater to comply with accessibility best practices.


  • [UADIGITAL-227] - Buttons need button classes
  • [UADIGITAL-1590] - Entity Embed fails to load with multiple card decks
  • [UADIGITAL-1749] - Background image not always loading for full width media row.
  • [UADIGITAL-1791] - backport and share background image loading improvements from media row to marquee.
  • [UADIGITAL-1798] - Notice: Undefined index: submit in ua_zen_form_alter() on forms that have alternate submit functions
  • [UADIGITAL-1801] - Patch for field_collection, where deleted fields persist and throw errors


  • [UADIGITAL-1456] - Remove author line from search results
  • [UADIGITAL-1537] - Allow anonymous users to download files by default
  • [UADIGITAL-1622] - Add horizontal rule button to HTML area CKEditor
  • [UADIGITAL-1743] - Featured content carousel previous/next controls are not accessible
  • [UADIGITAL-1774] - Add text alignment options to HTML Field
  • [UADIGITAL-1792] - Reduce size of ProboCI builds
  • [UADIGITAL-1793] - Apply ua-bootstrap progress bar styles to webform progress bar.
  • [UADIGITAL-1795] - Download ckeditor libraries via https
  • [UADIGITAL-1797] - Making the images for people on the directory sorting views clickable would help improve the user experience.
  • [UADIGITAL-1808] - Second sidebar is too wide