Quickstart Update - Release Notes Version 7.x-1.0-alpha16

July 20, 2018

User Story


  • [UADIGITAL-1659] - Marquee and Media row should not have the same transparency.
  • [UADIGITAL-1660] - Dropdown menus are not shown in mobile viewports
  • [UADIGITAL-1671] - Resources Menu Link Will Not Always Open
  • [UADIGITAL-1672] - Resources Menu in Overlay Menu in Mobile View Adds an Overview Link


  • [UADIGITAL-1503] - Add summary field, alignment options, and configurable title to Extra Info
  • [UADIGITAL-1504] - incorporate ap date formatting across uaqs (particularly events)
  • [UADIGITAL-1610] - Delay appearance of back to top button so it doesn't interfere with video marquee pause button
  • [UADIGITAL-1654] - New viewmode to display categorized flexible pages with images
  • [UADIGITAL-1655] - Change all exported menu links pointing at www.arizona.edu to use HTTPS
  • [UADIGITAL-1662] - Backport arizonaedu improvements to alphanavigation feature.
  • [UADIGITAL-1664] - Backport allow upscaling of images using the uaqs_small image style from arizonaedu.
  • [UADIGITAL-1665] - Backport remove add to spotlight links from nodes, and only add to spotlight via contextual links or node edit form.