Quickstart Update - Release Notes Version 7.x-1.0-alpha10

March 9, 2018

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  • [UADIGITAL-1259] - Disappearing CKEditor on marquee image upload
  • [UADIGITAL-1270] - Remove Mouseover Javascript for Bootstrap Overlay Navigation Menu
  • [UADIGITAL-1274] - Feeds tamper PHP 7 compatibility problem
  • [UADIGITAL-1292] - Media lists with external links lose their padding
  • [UADIGITAL-1303] - Content Chunks PHP Warning on Fresh Install
  • [UADIGITAL-1321] - Login redirect issue
  • [UADIGITAL-1322] - Footer logo link has no alt text
  • [UADIGITAL-1329] - Disabling uaqs_demo fails after applying code updates containing new migrations
  • [UADIGITAL-1330] - Multiple Card Decks inherit the classes from previous Card Decks.
  • [UADIGITAL-1348] - Resolve warning introduced by CAS 7.x-1.6 update
  • [UADIGITAL-1377] - Cert path provided by UA CAS causes problems in Pantheon
  • [UADIGITAL-1382] - Install errors when using verbose mode on Pantheon
  • [UADIGITAL-1387] - GTM Errors Preventing Tracking
  • [UADIGITAL-1422] - GTM setting needs to explicitly exclude paths (and not be blank)
  • [UADIGITAL-1423] - Remove dependency on uaqs_content_chunks from uaqs_content_chunks
  • [UADIGITAL-1443] - Fix migration errors on non-numeric numbers for PHP7
  • [UADIGITAL-1461] - UAQS Navigation - Select Menu feature is overridden by default
  • [UADIGITAL-1462] - Fixing issue with Global footer enable/disable on some sites
  • [UADIGITAL-1483] - Email errors when installing UAQS via drush on certain environments