Jump menu (Select menu)

This functionality is disabled on a fresh install of UA Quickstart, so the first step needed is to make sure the UAQS Navigation - Select Menu module is enabled.

Create a new Select Menu block here:  Content > Blocks > Add block.

Admin Path: /block/add


The basic configuration for select menu navigation blocks can be seen below.


By default select menu navigation blocks are the width of their container/region, but, you may want to change this on a block by block basis. This is where layout options are useful.

Click "Layout options" to expand the fieldset containing layout settings.


You have four layout settings for each configured screen size.

  • Offset, or spacing between the left boundary of the container, or space between an element to the left of this block.
  • Top buffer, or spacing between the top boundary of the container, or space between an element above this block.
  • Bottom buffer, or spacing between the bottom boundary of the container, or space between an element below this block.
  • Width, or number of columns to span within a 12 column grid inside its container.


Demo content

You can enable the companion UAQS Navigation - Select Menu Demo Content module to create a block for you and place it in the header_2 region of your site. You can then move the block to other regions by following the guide here.