Events & calendar

Quickstart comes with a pre-configured content type called Event along with an associated Calendar. You can combine events with webforms to create a registration system on your site.

You may add images, text, links, and buttons to events pages to customize the look and feel of them. Quickstart also supports recurring events.

  1. Go to Content on the Admin menu.
  2. Click Add Content.
  3. Choose Event.
  4. Fill in all of their details and save.

There is an automatic events calendar page available at /calendar. You can include a link to it in your main menu, a CTA button, or any other place on your site. The calendar view is pre-configured by default; however, you may customize the view as needed or request a change at UADigital meetings on Fridays.


example UAQS calendar.png

example UAQS calendar
Example of a UAQS calendar

If you want to display events differently on your site, or want to add additional content to your calendar page, you can use flexible pages and views.

To add a simple row of the upcoming three events on a flexible page:

  1. Edit the flexible page where you want to display events.
  2. Click Add View near the bottom of the page.
  3. Choose the "uaqs_events - Event Card Group" option.
  4. Save the page.

There are several pre-configured content blocks available for displaying events on your site. 

Learn about what blocks and regions are as well as how to use them on the blocks page.